Select Partial Loop

Imported models can contain many small edges. To repair or edit imported models, you often need to select a series of connecting edges.

When surfaces or solids contain small edges, use Select Partial Loop to choose a chain of connecting edges. The chain direction is based on the relative position of the second open edge that you select:

  • Left of midpoint. Chain moves left.
  • Right of midpoint. Chain moves right.

The chain always includes the first edge you first selected.

To use Select Partial Loop with solid bodies, the selected edges must be on the same face
Loop direction, with edge 1 and edge 2

To select a partial loop:

  1. Select the first edge in the chain.
  2. Press Ctrl select the second edge, and do either of the following:
    • Position the pointer left of the midpoint to create a chain that moves left.
    • Position the pointer right of the midpoint to create a chain that moves right.
      Right of midpoint selected
  3. Right-click and choose Select Partial Loop.