Sharing Files on 3DDrive

3DEXPERIENCE users can share their SOLIDWORKS files on 3DDrive directly from the SOLIDWORKS application. Recipients can preview and mark up the shared files to provide feedback.

Your Administrator must enable the external sharing setting in the Drives Control Center for Share File to work. If that setting is disabled, when you click Share File , a message prompts you to contact your Administrator to enable the external sharing setting. For more information, see Drives Control Center Tabs.

In SOLIDWORKS, open a part, assembly, or drawing file to share.

To share files on 3DDrive:

  1. Click Share (Lifecycle and Collaboration toolbar) or File > Share.
  2. In the dialog box, click Share File.
  3. Specify the share on 3DDrive options.
    1. In File name, specify the name if you want to change it from the default.
    2. In File type, click and select the file type to share the model as. You can click to open the System Options > Export tab and specify the export options.
      The defaults are 3DXML for parts and 2D PDF for drawings. For assemblies, the default is SOLIDWORKS Assembly (*.sldasm, *.zip). When you click Continue, the Pack and Go dialog box opens with the list of referenced files saved in a zip file that you can save to your PC or upload to 3DDrive.
      The 3DXML format lets you view, measure, and annotate 3D models without giving access to the original design, which protects company IP. Use 3DXML to ensure a consistent and controlled viewing experience while enabling collaborative feedback.
    3. In 3DDrive folder, the default is My Files\Share with external. To specify a different folder, click Select folder in 3DDrive and in the dialog box, select a folder under My Files or Shared with me.
    4. Click Upload.
    A progress bar shows the upload progress to the 3DDrive folder.

    If a file with the same name exists in that folder, a dialog box prompts you to update the existing file or upload this file as a new file with an incremented number. For example, filename1, filename2, etc.

    A notification confirms the successful file upload to 3DDrive. The Share with external dialog box appears.

  4. In the dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click Close to exit the dialog box. The file successfully uploads to 3DDrive but is not yet shared.
    • Enable the Activate external share link option to continue with sharing the file.
  5. When you activate external sharing, specify these options in the dialog box:
    • Copy external link. Copies the link to the clipboard for you to share with others.
    • Enable guest comments. Lets others mark up or make comments about the design in 3DDrive.
    • Restrict access to specific users. Restricts access to only those you specify by email in the Enter an email field below.
    • Add a message. Lets you add a message included in the email notification sent to all the listed emails.
    • Show in 3DDrive. Opens 3DDrive in the Task Pane.
  6. Click Share.
    3DDrive opens in the Task Pane. A notification confirms that the file is uploaded to 3DDrive.