Example: Using the SelectionManager

Example of how to use the SelectionManager:

  1. Open a part with a sketch. In this example, you create a loft from the sketch.
  2. Click Lofted Boss/Base (Features toolbar).
  3. Select the sketch line shown.

    The SelectionManager appears.

  4. In the SelectionManager, click the pushpin so the SelectionManager remains available.
  5. Select the three connecting sketch entities, then click .

    Closed Group<1> appears under Profiles .
  6. In the SelectionManager:
    1. Click Select Closed Loop .
    2. Select Auto-OK selections.
  7. Select the two loops one-by-one in approximately the same area to automatically add them to Profiles in the PropertyManager as Closed Loop<1> and <2>.
  8. Use Select Open Loop to select the four Guide Curves .
  9. Click .