Using Intersection Zones in Section Views

You can create section views in a model by cutting away multiple areas of the model. These multiple areas are defined by intersection zones.

When you select section planes or faces, the bounding box of your selections is the intersection zone. You can use the intersection zones to create a section view of multiple areas of a model.

This example uses intersection zones to cut away a portion of the model.
Original Model Sectioned View of Model

To use intersection zones in section views in this example:

  1. Click Section View (View toolbar) or View > Display > Section View.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Section Method, select Zonal.
  3. Under Section Option, select Show section cap and Graphics-only section.
  4. Under Section 1:
    1. Click Front Plane .
    2. For Offset Distance , enter 0.
  5. Under Section 2:
    1. Click Top Plane .
    2. For Offset Distance , enter 0.
  6. Under Section 3:
    1. Click Right Plane .
    2. For Offset Distance , enter 0.
  7. Under Section Method, click in Zones selected to be sectioned.
    Shaded intersection zones display in the graphics area showing the intersection of the selected planes or faces and the bounding box of the model.
  8. In the graphics area, select the lower left and upper right intersection zones shown.

  9. Click .