SolidNetWork License Server Information

If you are activating a SolidNetWork license server computer, you must specify connection information about that computer.

  • If your company uses a firewall, select A firewall is in use on this server.
  • Use the default value for Port Number (and for Vendor Daemon Port Number if you have a firewall) or specify the port numbers your company uses.
    The port number is a TCP/IP port number in the 1024-60000 range, used exclusively by this process. Normally, the default (25734) is suitable and is unlikely to be the same as any other FLEXlm server process on the license manager computer.

This is only a short summary of the fields required to specify information for a SolidNetWork license server. For complete details about configuring the SolidNetWork license server computer, see Administering Licenses Using a SolidNetWork License Manager .