Moving a SolidNetWork License

To move a SolidNetWork license to a new or upgraded computer, first deactivate the license to the license key server at Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation, then reactivate it on the other computer.

If you were unable to deactivate the license to Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation (because of hard disk drive failure, for example), reactivation is still successful in most cases. If not, contact your Value Added Reseller for help.

To move a SolidNetWork license:

  1. Start the SolidNetWork License Manager Server by clicking Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools version > SolidNetWork License Manager Server version.
  2. In the Server Administration tab, under License Information, click Modify. The SOLIDWORKS Product Activation wizard starts.
  3. Under What would you like to do?, select Move your product license(s) to a new/upgraded computer and then click Next.
  4. Under Serial #: list, select the serial numbers or click Select All to activate all your SOLIDWORKS serial numbers.
    1. Select the Automatically over the internet (recommended) option.
    2. Under Contact Information (Required):, specify an email address.
  5. The Deactivation Succeeded message box appears.
    The deactivation of the product license completes.
  6. Click Finish.