Camera Panel

The camera tools appear in a floating panel where you can switch between any cameras in the current project.

To display the Camera panel, click View > Show Camera Panel.

The panel appears to the left of the 3D Viewport. It brightens when you hover over it and fades when you move away from it.

The following tools are available on the panel.

View Presets Lets you select the camera view. Click any preset to display the scene from that orientation. For example, click Top to display the scene from overhead, or click the Left to display the scene from the left.
Reset Returns the camera to the state it was in prior to using the perspective selector.
Lock/Unlock Camera Locks or unlocks the camera.
More Options Opens the camera properties.
New Camera Creates a new camera preset.
  Brightness Makes the overall scene brighter, adding detail to shadows.
  Perspective Controls the amount of perspective distortion in the selected camera by changing the focal point of its virtual lens.

Smaller perspective values reduce perspective distortion and increase the focal length of the lens. Larger values do the opposite.

Filter effects Applies a camera effect to the loaded scene. For example, click B&W to create a black and white film.