HDR Light Studio Parameters

If you installed HDR Light Studio, you can create or edit an HDRI in HDR Light Studio. Edits you make in HDR Light Studio update the lighting in real time.

The Scenes tab has controls for running HDR Light Studio when you have HDR Light Studio installed. The HDR Light Studio integration is available for both, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard and Professional. The controls include:
Start Starts the HDR Light Studio software.
Pause Hides HDR Light Studio without closing the software. When you click Start again, the software appears.
Stop Closes HDR Light Studio and exits the software.
The Light Paint Mode menu lets you move the light in the Render View and directly define the effect of the light. The following modes are available:
Reflection Light is positioned to reflect at the point on the surface where you click.
Illumination Calculates the normal to the surface of the object at the point where you click, and positions the light source along the normal. This is best for lighting diffuse objects where you are not concerned about reflections, but want to shine light directly on a surface.
Rim Ignores the object allowing you to position lights behind the object.