Look-at Point

The look-at point acts like a pivot point for rotating and zooming the camera.

  • Panning the camera moves the look-at point with the camera.
  • To change the camera perspective, press Alt while using the scroll wheel.

Changing the Look-at Point

To change the look-at point:

  1. In the toolbar, click Camera Tools > Look At .
  2. In the Viewport, do one of the following:
    • Click a location for the new look-at point.

      The camera moves to center the new look-at point in the Viewport.

    • Press Alt + Shift and right-click a location for the new look-at point.

      The look-at point changes without moving the camera.

Zooming to a New Look-at Point

You can zoom to a new look-at point by selecting a model, part, or appearance.

To zoom to a new look-at point:

  1. Select a model, part, or appearance in the Viewport or on the Models or Appearances tab of the Palette.
  2. Press Home.
    The look-at point changes to the center of the selection and the camera zooms to the selection.