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Interop.dsAutomation Namespace

DraftSight API Help


IAlignedDimension Allows access to an aligned linear Dimension.
IAngularDimension Allows access to an angular Dimension.
IApplication Allows access to all exposed interfaces in the DraftSight API.
IApplicationOptions Allows access to DraftSight application options.
IArcAlignedText Allows access to curved text.
IArcLengthDimension Allows access to an arc length Dimension.
IAttributeDefinition Allows access to a BlockAttribute definition.
IAttributeInstance Allows access to a BlockAttribute instance.
IBlockDefinition Allows access to a Block definition.
IBlockInstance Allows access to a Block instance.
ICircle Allows access to a Circle.
ICircleArc Allows access to an Arc.
IColor Allows access to LineColors, TextColors, and background Colors.
IColorPicker Allows access to the DraftSight color picker, which assigns LineColors to drawing entities directly, by Layer, or by Block.
ICommand Allows access to a command for the command window.
ICommandMessage Allows access to the command window.
IContextMenuItem Allows access to DraftSight default, object, and command context-sensitive menus.
ICurvedSettings Allows access to curved text settings.
ICustomCoordinateSystem Allows access to a custom coordinate system.
ICustomCoordinateSystemManager Allows access to the custom coordinate system manager.
ICustomData Allows access to custom data.
ICustomPropertyControl Allows access to a custom tab.
IDgnDefinition Allows access to a DGN image definition.
IDgnReference Allows access to a DGN image reference.
IDiameterDimension Allows access to a diameter Dimension.
IDictionary Allows access to the named-objects dictionary of a drawing.
IDimensionStyle Allows access to a DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleAngularDimensionOptions Allows access to an angular Dimension's DimensionStyle options.
IDimensionStyleArrowsOptions Allows access to arrow options of the DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleDualDimensionOptions Allows access to the DimensionStyle's dual Dimension options.
IDimensionStyleFitOptions Allows access to the fit options of the DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleLinearDimensionOptions Allows access to the linear Dimension options of the DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleLineOptions Allows access to the Dimension line options of the DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleManager Allows access to the DimensionStyle Manager.
IDimensionStyleRadialDiameterDimensionOptions Allows access to the radius or diameter Dimension options of the DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleTextOptions Allows access to the text options of a DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleToleranceOptions Allows access to the geometric tolerance options of a DimensionStyle.
IDimensionStyleUserData Allows access to the DimensionStyle of a specific Dimension, Leader, or geometric Tolerance entity.
IDocument Allows access to a document.
IDocumentExporter Allows access to the export feature, which saves the current view of a drawing to a vector or raster image format.
IDrawingProperties Allows access to the standard (i.e., author, keywords, title, and subject) and custom properties of a drawing document.
IDrawingSupportFiles Allows access to the options that get and set default paths and file names for these drawing-support files: alternate font, drawing, drawing template, external references, font mapping, library, LineStyle, and RichLineStyle.
IDropData Do not use. Allows access to QMIMEData that is transferred during drag and drop in DraftSight.
IDSWindow Allows access to the DraftSight application or document window.
IDynamicBlockInstanceProperty Allows access to a dynamic block instance property.
IEllipseArc Allows access to an Ellipse or an elliptical Arc.
IEmbeddedObject Allows access to an embedded object.
IEntityHelper Allows access to entities.
IExportSettings Allows access to options for exporting drawing models or sheets to PDF files.
IExternalReference Allows access to an external reference (e.g., referenced drawing).
IExtrudedSurface Allows access to an extruded surface.
IExtrusion Allows access to an extrusion.
IFace Allows access to a Face.
IGeneralDimension Allows access to a Dimension's custom data, text position, color, Layer name, LineStyle, visibility, etc.
IGradientBackground Allows access to a gradient background.
IGroup Allows access to an EntityGroup, which contains entities that have been combined into a group that you can manipulate in a single operation (e.g., moving, rotating, mirroring, or scaling).
IHatch Allows access to the Hatch in a drawing.
IHatchBoundaryLoop Allows access to the boundary edge data of a Hatch.
IHatchPattern Allows access to the Hatch pattern of a drawing.
IHighlightSet Allows access to a highlight selection set.
IHyperLink Allows access to a hyperlink.
IImageBackground Allows access to an image background.
IImageDefinition Allows access to a raster image definition.
IInfiniteLine Allows access to an InfiniteLine.
IInterfaceFiles Allows access to the DraftSight options that get and set default paths for these user-interface files: alias, custom icon, main customization, and custom menu.
IJoggedDimension Allows access to jogged Dimensions.
ILayer Allows access to a Layer.
ILayerManager Manages Layers.
ILayerProperties Allows access to the Layer properties of a Layer state.
ILayerState Allows access to Layer states.
ILayerStateManager Manages Layer states.
ILeader Allows access to a Leader.
ILine Allows access to a Line.
ILineStyle Allows access to a simple LineStyle.
ILineStyleManager Allows access to the LineStyle Manager.
ILispFunction Allows access to encrypted LISP files in DraftSight. Also allows creating and removing LISP functions that can be called from LISP.
ILispParameter Allows access to LISP parameters.
ILoft Allows access to a Loft.
ILoftedSurface Allows access to a lofted surface.
IMacroManager Allows access to the macro manager, which manages macro recording and which is available in DraftSight Premium only.
IMathCircArc Allows access to a mathematical circular Arc, which can be used for internal calculations only.
IMathEllipArc Allows access to a mathematical elliptical Arc, which can be used for internal calculations only.
IMathLine Allows access to a mathematical linear object (e.g., InfiniteLine, Ray, or bounded Line segment), which can be used for internal calculations only.
IMathPlane Allows access to a mathematical plane, which can be used for internal calculations only.

Allows access to mathematical point, which can be used for internal calculations only.


Allows access to 3D transformation matrix data.

IMathUtility Allows access to DraftSight mathematical objects.

Allows access to 3D mathematical vectors.

IMenuItem Allows access to a menu item.
IModel Allows access to a model.
IModelNamedView Allows access to a model named view of a document.
INamedView Allows access to a named view.
INote Allows access to a Note.
IOrdinateDimension Allows access to an ordinate Dimension.
IPdfDefinition Allows access to a PDF image definition.
IPdfReference Allows access to a PDF image reference.
IPoint Allows access to a point.
IPolyFaceMesh Allows access to a polygon face mesh.
IPolygonMesh Allows access to a PolygonMesh.
IPolyLine Allows access to a 2D PolyLine.
IPolyLine3D Allows access to a 3D PolyLine.
IPrintManager Allows access to the printing interface.
IPrintSpecification Allows access to plot information.
IProfileManager Allows you to manage profiles of user-interface settings.
IRadialDimension Allows access to a radius Dimension.
IRay Allows access to a Ray.
IReferenceImage Allows access to a raster Referenced image.
IReferenceManager Allows access to an unopened drawing file's nearest child external references.
IRegion Allows access to a Region.
IRevolve Allows access to a Revolve.
IRevolvedSurface Allows access to a revolved surface.
IRibbonCommandButton Allows access to a ribbon command button.
IRibbonPanel Allows access to a ribbon panel.
IRibbonQuickAccessBar Allows access to a ribbon quick access toolbar.
IRibbonQuickAccessBarItem Allows access to a ribbon quick access toolbar item.
IRibbonRow Allows access to a ribbon row.
IRibbonRowItem Allows access to items in a ribbon row.
IRibbonRowPanel Allows access to a ribbon row panel.
IRibbonSeparator Allows access to a ribbon separator.
IRibbonSplitButton Allows access to a ribbon split button.
IRibbonSystemMenu Allows access to a ribbon system menu.
IRibbonSystemMenuItem Allows access to a ribbon system menu item.
IRibbonTab Allows access to a ribbon tab.
IRichLine Allows access to the RichLine.
IRichLineStyle Allows access to a RichLineStyle.
IRichLineStyleManager Allows access to the RichLineStyle Manager.
IRotatedDimension Allows access to the rotated Dimension.
ISelectionFilter Allows access to the selection filter.
ISelectionManager Allows access to a selected entity.
IShape Allows access to a shape.
IShapeManager Allows access to the Shape Manager.
ISheet Allows access to a Sheet.
ISheetNamedView Allows access to a sheet named view of a document.
ISimpleNote Allows access to a SimpleNote.
ISketchManager Allows access to the sketch interface.
ISolid Allows access to a 2D Solid, which are solid filled planes that have straight line borders.
ISolid3D Allows access to a 3D solid.
ISolidBackground Allows access to the solid background of a model named view.
ISpline Allows access to a Spline.
ISweep Allows access to a Sweep.
ISweptSurface Allows access to a swept surface.
ISystemFiles Allows access to the DraftSight options that get and set system files.
ITable Allow access to a Table.
ITableStyle Allows access to a TableStyle.
ITableStyleManager Allows access to the TableStyle Manager.
ITextStyle Allows access to a TextStyle.
ITextStyleManager Allows access to the TextStyle Manager.
ITolerance Allows access to a geometric Tolerance.
IToolbar Allows access to a toolbar.
IToolbarItem Allows access to a toolbar item.
ITrace Allows access to a Trace, which is a 2D solid Line.
ITracker Allows access to a tracker, the mechanism that draws temporary entities along the cursor's path when prompting a user for a value, keyword, or selection.
ITransparency Allows access to transparency of entities on Layers.
IUnknownEntity Allows access to an unknown entity.
IUserCommand Allows access to a command created for a menu item or toolbar item.
IViewManager Allows access to the view manager.
IViewport Allows access to a Viewport in a Sheet.
IViewTile Allows access to a ViewTile in a model.
IWorkspace Allows access to a workspace of the DraftSight user interface.
IXRecord Allows access to a record, also called an XRecord, in a dictionary of a drawing.



Post-notifies an application when the active window has changed.

_IApplicationEvents_ApplicationOptionBoolChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified Boolean application option changes.
_IApplicationEvents_ApplicationOptionDoubleChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified double value application option changes.
_IApplicationEvents_ApplicationOptionInt16ChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified Int16 application option changes.
_IApplicationEvents_ApplicationOptionInt32ChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified Int32 application option changes.
_IApplicationEvents_ApplicationOptionStringChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified string application option changes.
_IApplicationEvents_CommandCancelNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application when a command is canceled.
_IApplicationEvents_CommandPostNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when a command is executed.
_IApplicationEvents_CommandPreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application before a command executes.
_IApplicationEvents_CurrentProfileResetPostNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the current profile is reset.
_IApplicationEvents_CurrentProfileResetPreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application before the current profile is reset.
_IApplicationEvents_DestroyNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application when DraftSight is about to be destroyed.

Post-notifies an application when a new file is created.

_IApplicationEvents_FileOpenPostNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when a file has been opened.
_IApplicationEvents_FileOpenPreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application before a file opens.
_IApplicationEvents_OnIdleNotifyEventHandler Fired when there are no more events in the event queue; i.e., the event queue is idle.
_IApplicationEvents_PrintPostNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the current document has been printed.
_IApplicationEvents_PrintPreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application before the specified document is printed.

Notifies an application when a command is executed or IApplication::RunCommand is called.

_ICustomPropertyControlEvents_SizeChangedNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application when the size of a custom tab changes.
_IDocumentEvents_ActiveSheetChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the active sheet has changed.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionBoolChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified Boolean command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionDoubleChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified double command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionInt16ChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the specified Int16 command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionInt32ChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies the application when the specified Int32 command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionInt8ChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the specified Int8 command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionPoint2DChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the specified 2D point command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionPoint3DChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the specified 3D point command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_CommandOptionStringChangeNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the specified string command option changes.
_IDocumentEvents_DestroyNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when a document has closed.
_IDocumentEvents_DestroyPreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application when a document is about to close.
_IDocumentEvents_DragNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application when the specified drag event occurs in the current DraftSight session.
_IDocumentEvents_DropNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application with drop data when the specified drop action occurs in the current DraftSight session.
_IDocumentEvents_FileSavePostNotify2EventHandler Post-notifies an application that a document has been saved.
_IDocumentEvents_FileSavePostNotifyEventHandler Obsolete. Superseded by IDocumentEvents::FileSavePostNotify2.
_IDocumentEvents_FileSavePreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application before a file is saved.
_IDocumentEvents_FileXRefNotificationEventHandler Notifies the application when an external reference is added or removed from the current document.
_IDocumentEvents_ModifyNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application when a document is marked as dirty (modified since opened and not saved) in the current DraftSight session.
_IDocumentEvents_ObjectAppendNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when an entity is appended to or detached from a document.
_IDocumentEvents_ObjectEraseNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when the specified entity is erased from or restored to a document.
_IDocumentEvents_ObjectModifyNotifyEventHandler Post-notifies an application when an entity is modified in a document.
_ILispFunctionEvents_ExecuteFunctionNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application when a LISP function is executed.
_ISelectionManagerEvents_SelectionChangedNotifyEventHandler Notifies an application when an entity is selected.
_ISelectionManagerEvents_SelectionPreNotifyEventHandler Pre-notifies an application before a selection is made.
_ITrackerEvents_UpdateNotifyEventHandler Notifies the application when the cursor position has changed.


dsAngleType_e Types of angular units.
dsAngularDimensionType_e Types of angular Dimensions.
dsApplicationEvent_id_e Types of DraftSight application events.
dsApplicationOptionBool_e Application options with Boolean values.
dsApplicationOptionDouble_e Application options with double values.
dsApplicationOptionInt16_e Application options with Int16 values.
dsApplicationOptionInt32_e Application options with Int32 values.
dsApplicationOptionString_e Application options for strings.
dsArcLengthSymbols_e Arc length symbols.
dsArcSymbolType_e Positions for Arc symbols.
dsArcTextAlignment_e Curved text alignments.
dsArcTextDirection_e Curved text directions.
dsArcTextPosition_e Curved text positions.
dsBasePatternOn_e Angles and elements on which to base linear matrix and circular patterns.
dsBitmapFormat_e Types of preview bitmap formats.
dsBlockDefinitionEntities_e Options for the source entities of Block definitions.
dsBlockInsertUnits_e Units to use for Block insertion.
dsCleanObjectType_e Type of objects to purge from a document. Bitmask.
dsCommandEvent_id_e Types of command events.
dsCommandOptionBool_e Command options with Boolean values.

Command options with double values.


Command options with Int16 values.

dsCommandOptionInt32_e Obsolete. Superseded by dsApplicationOptionInt32_e.
dsCommandOptionInt8_e Command options with Int8 values.
dsCommandOptionPoint2d_e Command options for 2D points.
dsCommandOptionPoint3d_e Command options for 3D points.
dsCommandOptionString_e Command options for strings.
dsContextMenuType_e Context-sensitive menu types.
dsCreateCommandError_e Statuses of creating commands.
dsCreateObjectResult_e Statuses of creating objects.
dsCustomDataType_e Types of custom data.
dsCustomPropertyControlArea_e Location where to initially dock a custom tab, and locations where to allow a user to dock custom tabs.
dsCustomPropertyControlEvent_id_e Types of custom property control events.
dsDefaultCustomCoordinateSystem_e Cubic faces on which to project the coordinate system.
dsDgnConversionUnitType_e DGN conversion unit types.
dsDimensionArrowType_e Types of arrows for Dimensions.
dsDimensionCenterMarkDisplay_e Types of center marks for Dimensions.
dsDimensionFitDimensionText_e Positions for Dimension text.
dsDimensionFitGeometry_e Geometry to move outside of extension lines when there is not enough room inside extension lines.
dsDimensionScale_e Scales for Dimensions.
dsDimensionStyleAngleFormat_e Types of formats for DimensionStyle angular units.
dsDimensionTextAlignment_e Types of alignments for Dimensions.
dsDimensionTextHorizontalPosition_e Types of horizontal positions for the text of Dimensions.
dsDimensionTextVerticalPosition_e Types of vertical positions for the text of Dimensions.
dsDocumentEvent_id_e Types of document events.
dsDocumentOpenOption_e Modes in which to open documents.
dsDocumentSaveAsOption_e File types to which to save documents.
dsDocumentSaveError_e Statuses of saving documents. Bitmask.
dsDragEvent_e Drag events. Bitmask.
dsDropAction_e Drop actions. Bitmask.
dsDualDimensionFormat_e Types of formats for dual dimensions.
dsDualDimensionInsertPlacement_e Where to insert the alternate units.
dsDynamicBlockReferencePropertyUnitsType_e Unit types for displaying dynamic block reference properties.
dsElementColor_e Types of DraftSight user-interface elements for which you can get and set colors.
dsEmbeddedObjectPrintQuality_e Types of print quality of embedded objects.
dsEmbeddedObjectType_e Types of embedded object.
dsEncoding_e Encoding types.
dsExecuteDlgResult_e Status of executing dialogs.
dsGetApplicationOptionResult_e Status of getting a DraftSight application option.
dsGetCommandOptionResult_e Results of getting command options.
dsHatchBoundaryLoopType_e Hatch boundary types. Bitmask.
dsHatchEdgeType_e Hatch edge types.
dsHatchFillType_e Hatch fill types.
dsHatchGradientStyle_e Hatch gradient styles.
dsHatchPatternInternalRegionDetection_e Internal region detection types for hatch patterns.
dsHatchPatternType_e Hatch pattern types.
dsHyperLinkType_e Hyperlink types.
dsImageBackgroundPosition_e Image background positions.
dsLanguage_e Names of the languages.
dsLayerStateSpaceType_e Layer state spaces.
dsLeaderAnnotationType_e Types of annotations for leaders.
dsLeaderType_e Types of Leaders.
dsLengthType_e Types of linear units.
dsLinearDimensionDecimalSeparator_e Types of separators for linear Dimensions whose unit's format is set to decimal.
dsLinearDimensionFormat_e Types of formats for linear Dimensions.
dsLinearDimensionFractionalDisplay_e Types of fractional displays for linear Dimensions.
dsLineWeight_e Types of LineWeights.
dsLispFunctionEvent_id_e Types of DraftSight LISP function types.
dsLispParameterType_e Types of DraftSight LISP parameters.
dsLoftedSurfaceNormalOption_e Surfacing options for lofted surfaces.
dsLoftSurfaceNormalOption_e Surfacing options for Lofts.
dsMacroLanguage_e Types of DraftSight macro languages.
dsMacroLevelOfDetail_e Levels of details for DraftSight macros.
dsMathLineType_e Types of mathematical lines.
dsMenuItemType_e Types of menu items.
dsMouseEventType_e Types of mouse events.
dsNamedColor_e Named LineColors for new drawing entities.
dsNoteDirection_e Types of Note directions.
dsNoteJustification_e Types of Note justifications.
dsNoteLineSpacingStyle_e Types of Note spacing styles.
dsObjectType_e Types of DraftSight objects.
dsOffsetType_e Sketch offset gap types.
dsOrdinateDimensionMeasure_e Types of measurements for ordinate Dimensions.
dsPlotPaperUnits_e Units of plot paper size.
dsPolyFaceMeshEditResult_e Statuses of editing a polygon face mesh.
dsPolygonMeshFitSmooth_e Options for the fit or smoothing of a PolygonMesh.
dsPolyLine2DType_e Types of 2D PolyLines.
dsPolyLine3DFitSmooth_e Options for the 3D fit or smoothing of a PolygonLine.
dsPolyLineSegmentType_e Types of PolyLine segments.
dsPolySolidJustification_e Types of justification for poly solids.
dsPredefinedView_e Types of predefined view.
dsPreviewRange_e Types of preview bitmap ranges.
dsPrintOrientation_e Types of print orientations.
dsPrintRange_e Areas in which to print.
dsPromptInit_e Types of input initializers. Bitmask.
dsPromptKeyboardModificators_e Key click modifiers. Bitmask.
dsPromptKeyboardModificators2_e Key click modifiers. Bitmask.
dsPromptResultType_e Types of inputs performed for ICommandMessage methods that prompt for input.
dsRebuildType_e Types of Viewports to rebuild.
dsResType_e Resource types.
dsRibbonButtonStyle_e Ribbon button styles.
dsRibbonItemType_e Ribbon item types.
dsRibbonSeparatorStyle_e Ribbon separator styles.
dsRibbonSplitButtonBehaviour_e Ribbon split button behaviors.
dsRibbonSplitButtonListStyle_e Ribbon split button list styles.
dsRichLineJustification_e Justification options for RichLines.
dsRunCommandError_e Statuses of running commands.
dsScaleUnit_e Types of scalar units.
dsSelectionManagerEvent_id_e Types of selection events.
dsSelectionRemove_e Options to allow and disallow selections. Bitmask.
dsSelectionSetType_e Types of selections.
dsSetApplicationOptionResult_e Status of setting a DraftSight application option.
dsSetCommandOptionResult_e Results of setting command options.
dsSolidType_e Types of solids.
dsStandardPrintQuality_e Types of qualities for printing.
dsStandardPrintScale_e Types of standard scales for printing.
dsStandardViewports_e Types of standard Viewports.
dsSurfaceType_e Types of surfaces.
dsTableBordersLineType_e Types of Table border lines. Bitmask.
dsTableCellAlignment_e Types of Table cell alignments.
dsTableCellType_e Types of Table cells.
dsTableDirection_e Table directions.
dsTableHeaderOrientation_e Types of Table header orientations.
dsTextJustification_e Types of text justifications.
dsTextStyleFontType_e Types of TextStyle fonts.
dsToleranceCalculation_e Types of calculations for Tolerance.
dsToleranceVerticalTextJustification_e Types of vertical text justifications for tolerances.
dsToolbarItemType_e Types of toolbar items.
dsTrackerEvent_id_e Types of DraftSight tracker events.
dsTrueTypeFontsType_e TrueType fonts.
dsUIState_e Locations where to add user-interface entities such as menus, menu items, toolbars, etc.
dsUnitPrecision_e Types of precision units.
dsViewBackgroundType_e View background types.
dsViewDisplayStyle_e Types of display styles.
dsViewportShadePrintStyle_e Types of shaded view print options for Viewports.
dsViewportStandardScale_e Types of standard scale factors for Viewports.
dsViewTilesApplyTo_e Where to apply ViewTiles.
dsViewTilesMode_e Insertion modes for ViewTiles.
dsWindowState_e Types of window states.
dsWriteBlockMode_e Ways of handling entities in the drawing after they are saved to a Block.
dsXRefStatus_e Statuses returned by the GetStatus methods of external reference interfaces.
dsZoomRange_e Types of Zoom ranges.

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