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Programming Tasks

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2009 and earlier, add-ins work only on single client machines:

  • A change-state hook calls the add-in on the machine where the change state command is executed.

        - or -

  • A menu command executes the add-in on the computer where the menu command is selected.

Although this is often desirable, there are times when you want to execute the add-in on different machines. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and later allow you to program tasks to execute add-ins on other machines.

A task consists of:

  • Add-in to execute.
  • Card, if any, to show when the task is launched.
  • User credentials to use to execute the add-in.
  • Computers on which to execute the add-in.
  • Optional scheduling of the add-in.
  • Credentials of users who have permission to run the add-in.
  • Error and success notifications.

You can read more about the task execution system in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Help.

To program your own task:

  1. Write an add-in DLL that supports task execution.
  2. Add the add-in to the vault using the Administration tool.
  3. Enable execution of the add-in on one or more servers by selecting the Task Host Configuration command from the context-sensitive menu on the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional icon in the task bar navigation area (system tray).
  4. Right-click the tasks node in the Administration tool and select New Task from the menu.
  5. Select your add-in in the task wizard.
  6. Select other options in the task wizard.

The task is executed in one of the following ways:

  • A task definition spawns task instances according to a defined schedule.
  • A workflow change state action executes the task.
  • Start the Administration tool, expland Tasks, double-click Task List, and click Add Task.
  • Right-click a file vault view and select the task on the context-sensitive menu.

Using the Standard Task Add-in

You do not need to program your own task add-in if you only need to open files in SOLIDWORKS and execute scripts on them. To do that, use the standard task add-in that is shipped with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

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