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Advanced Document Properties

PhotoWorks provides options on the Advanced tab that affect the active document only.

To set Advanced properties:

  1. Click Options PhotoWorks toolbar) or PhotoWorks, Options.

  2. On the Advanced tab, edit the following:

    Contour rendering

  3. Contour rendering allows you to render both the contours of the model and the model itself. The following image is rendered using the Render model and contours option. The contour lines are white.

Contour lines are not necessarily drawn in the same location as HLR edges. See Rules for Contour Lines.

    • Render model only (no contours). Contour rendering is unavailable, no contours are calculated.

    • Render model and contours. Renders the image first, calculates the additional contour lines next, then displays the rendered image and the contour lines.

    • Render contours only. Renders the image first, calculates the additional contour lines next, then displays only the contour lines. The contours show distance by starting with white lines at the observer and blending into the lines into the background. Cameras show field of view by starting with sharp lines at the plane of focus and making the contour lines fuzzy as they become less focused.

      When you select this option, you can use Render to File to store the resulting contour image in the PostScript format.

If contour rendering is active, you can modify the following:

    • Line thickness (pixel). Sets the thickness of the contour line.

    • Contour fades with depth. Select to reduce the size of the contour lines as the model depth changes away from the viewer. Move the slider to Minimum to reduce the effect; Maximum to increase the effect.

    • Line color. Sets the color of the contour lines.

    • Background color. Sets the color of the background if you selected Render contours only.

  1. Click Apply to accept the changes or click Undo to reverse the changes, then click Close to close the dialog box.

    PhotoWorks applies the changes when you click Apply. You do not have to close the dialog box before you render.

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