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System Options

The PhotoWorks application provides general system options for toggling application properties. The changes you make on the System Options tab affect all current and future documents.

To set System Options:

  1. Click Options (PhotoWorks toolbar) or PhotoWorks, Options.

  2. On the System Options tab, edit the following:

    • Clear image before rendering. Select to clear the SolidWorks graphics area before each new rendering; clear to update the previous rendering incrementally.

    • Display progress/abort dialog. Select to display a progress dialog box during the rendering process. To interrupt the rendering process at any stage, click Stop in the progress dialog box.

    • Use SolidWorks part physical appearances as default appearance. Select to use the SolidWorks physical appearances when you render the model. For example, if you select an aluminum appearance in the Appearances Editor PropertyManager in SolidWorks, then the part renders with a metallic appearance.

    • Enable dynamic help. Expanded tooltips explain each property, illustrate the range of effects, and list any dependencies.

    • Hide decals in SolidWorks. Decals are visible as you add them, but when you close the Decals PropertyManager, the decals are hidden except when rendered.

    • Enable memory settings. Enables memory management. Benefits include:

      • Shorter rendering times for large models.

      • Increased document size limits.

      • User alerts when models are too complex for the system’s resources.

    • Screen image gamma correction. Gamma correction is a process to correct the output to compensate for the output device. The output is the rendered image and the output device is typically a monitor or a printer. Because the display of an image through a monitor loses some of its brightness, you need gamma correction to display the image properly. The image is dynamic.

This value does not affect images rendered to file.

  1. Click Apply, then click Done.

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