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Application Programming Interface

Major enhancements are new interfaces, methods, properties, and delegates. You can now:

  • Access DimXpert features
  • Include attributes in library features
  • Access tangent lines associated with bend lines in drawings of sheet metal parts
  • Get an array of mates for a component
  • Create generic, right-click, and pop-up menus
  • Specify alignment of axes when inserting a coordinate systems mate
  • Find the corresponding faces, edges, and vertices in a folded and flattened sheet metal part
  • Fire notifications:
    • For undo and redo operations in parts, assemblies, and drawings
    • When interactive users preselect entities in parts, assemblies, and drawings
    • After all SolidWorks graphics are drawn
  • Compare two persistent reference IDs to determine if they point to the same SolidWorks data
  • Create bubble ToolTips for PropertyManager page controls
  • Add and modify graphics-area dimensions in circular and linear sketch patterns
  • Get the names of all components in an assembly document before selectively opening the assembly document
  • Get and set pick points for lofts
  • Add and purge display states and fire notifications when a display states changes
  • Create equations for 2D explicit, 2D parametric, and 3D curves
  • Get or set a component reference
  • Box-select entities
  • Specify the distance from the section line of the section view
  • Determine if a sketch is derived
  • Insert a route line in an explode line or 3D sketch
  • Rotate or copy 3D sketch entities about a vector or x, y, and z coordinates
  • Add smart components and insert virtual components in assemblies
  • Create a new assembly from preselected components
  • Insert a title block table in a part or assembly
  • Get sheet and configuration persistent reference IDs
  • Create a loft body using specified parameters instead of using interactive user selections
  • Create multiple types of macros (VBA, VB.NET, and C#) when recording a macro
  • Delay solving of equations until all equations are added
  • Customize the size of balloons
  • Hide table columns
  • Customize tags in hole tables
  • Get the UV parameters of a curve
  • Get a component in the context of the top assembly after getting the component in the context of a subassembly, and get a component in the context of a subassembly after getting the component in the context of the top assembly
  • Access feature statistics

Click Help > API Help > SolidWorks API Help > SolidWorks APIs > Release Notes.

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