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swDimXpertAnnotationType_e Enumeration

DimXpert annotation types.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Enum swDimXpertAnnotationType_e 
   Inherits Enum
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As swDimXpertAnnotationType_e
public enum swDimXpertAnnotationType_e : Enum 
public enum class swDimXpertAnnotationType_e : public Enum 


swDimXpertAnnotationType_unknownValue is 0.
swDimXpertDimTol_DistanceBetweenValue is 101.
swDimXpertDimTol_CounterBoreValue is 102.
swDimXpertDimTol_DepthValue is 103.
swDimXpertDimTol_CounterSinkDiameterValue is 104.
swDimXpertDimTol_ChamferDimensionValue is 105.
swDimXpertDimTol_AngleBetweenValue is 106.
swDimXpertDimTol_CounterSinkAngleValue is 107.
swDimXpertDimTol_ConeAngleValue is 108.
swDimXpertDimTol_DiameterValue is 109.
swDimXpertDimTol_LengthValue is 110.
swDimXpertDimTol_RadiusValue is 111.
swDimXpertDimTol_WidthValue is 112.
swDimXpertDimTol_CompositeDistanceBetweenValue is 113.
swDimXpertDimTol_PatternAngleBetweenValue is 114.
swDimXpertDatumValue is 150.
swDimXpertGeoTol_PositionValue is 201.
swDimXpertGeoTol_CompositePositionValue is 202.
swDimXpertGeoTol_SymmetryValue is 203.
swDimXpertGeoTol_ConcentricityValue is 204.
swDimXpertGeoTol_LineProfileValue is 205.
swDimXpertGeoTol_CompositeLineProfileValue is 206.
swDimXpertGeoTol_SurfaceProfileValue is 207.
swDimXpertGeoTol_CompositeSurfaceProfileValue is 208.
swDimXpertGeoTol_AngularityValue is 210.
swDimXpertGeoTol_ParallelismValue is 211.
swDimXpertGeoTol_PerpendicularityValue is 212.
swDimXpertGeoTol_TotalRunoutValue is 213.
swDimXpertGeoTol_CircularRunoutValue is 214.
swDimXpertGeoTol_FlatnessValue is 215.
swDimXpertGeoTol_CircularityValue is 216.
swDimXpertGeoTol_CylindricityValue is 217.
swDimXpertGeoTol_StraightnessValue is 218.
swDimXpertGeoTol_TangencyValue is 219.


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