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Sketch Relations Icons

Relation Example Type Notes
Along X sketch_relation_alongX.gif Inferred Horizontal line sketched along X axis. Applies to 3D sketches.
Along Y sketch_relation_alongY.gif Inferred Vertical line sketched along Y axis. Applies to 3D sketches.
Along Z sketch_relation_alongZ.gif Inferred Horizontal line sketched along Z axis. Applies to 3D sketches.
Coincident sketch_relation_coincident.gif Inferred Second circle sketched coincident to first circle.
Colinear sketch_relation_collinear.gif Added Colinear relation added to the first two horizontal lines.
Concentric sketch_relations_concentric.gif Added  
Coradial sketch_relation_coradial.gif Added Coradial relation added to the inner arcs.
Equal sketch_relation_same_length.gif Added Equal relation added to all inner circles. This way, you set the diameter for only one circle.
Equal Curvature sketch_relation_equal_curvature.gif Added The rate of change of the slope (curvature) is the same at the point shared between the curves.
Equal Slots sketch_relation_equal_slots.gif Added  
Fix sketch_relation_fix.gif Added Fixed relation added to point.
Fix Slot sketch_relation_fix_slot.gif Added  
Horizontal sketch_relations_horizontal-added.gif Added Horizontal relation added to spline handles.
Intersection sketch_relation_intersection.gif Inferred or added Relation added at the intersection of the point and two lines. If you sketch the lines and points so they intersect, the relation is inferred.
Merge sketch_relation_after_merge.gif Added The endpoint of the line and the point on the rectangle are merged to create one point.
Midpoint sketch_relation_midpoint.gif Inferred or added Construction line sketched from the midpoint of the diagonal line.
Normal sketch_relation_normal.gif Added Normal relation added between the line and plane.
Offset sketch_relation_offset.gif Inferred Larger rectangle is offset by 10 from the smaller rectangle using the Offset Entities Tool_Offset_Entities_Sketch.gif tool.
On Edge sketch_relation_on_edge.gif Inferred Edges of the solid are projected to the sketch plane using the Convert Entities Tool_Convert_Entities_Sketch.gif tool.
On Plane sketch_relation_on_plane.gif Inferred and added Lines sketched on a plane.
On Surface sketch_relation_on_surface.gif Inferred Point sketched on a surface.
Parallel sketch_relations_parallel.gif Inferred Two lines sketched with parallel relation.
Parallel YZ sketch_relation_parallelYZ.gif Added Parallel relation added to the 3D line and front plane.
Parallel ZX sketch_relation_parallelZX.gif Added Parallel relation added to the 3D line and front plane.
Perpendicular sketch_relations_perpendicular.gif Inferred Second line sketched perpendicular to first line.
Pierce sketch_relation_pierce.gif Added Pierce relation added between sketch point and vertical line.
Symmetric sketch_relation_symmetric.gif Inferred or added Relations added using the Mirror Entities Tool_Mirror_Entities_Sketch.gif or Dynamic Mirror Tool_Dynamic_Mirror_Entities_Sketch.gif tool.
Tangent sketch_relation_tangent.gif Added Tangent relation added to two splines.
Tangent to Face sketch_relation_tangent_to_face.gif Added Same slope at the edge of intersection between the face and spline.

See Tangent_to_Face_Relations_with_Splines.htm.

Traction     See Using_Traction_and_Belts_for_Layout_Sketches.htm.
Vertical sketch_relation_vertical.gif Inferred Circle sketched with center inferred to sketch origin.

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