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CircuitWorks Options - Models

Set options that affect modeling, and specify where CircuitWorks saves models.

To display CircuitWorks Options - Models, from the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, click Models .

To display the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, do one of the following:
  • From CircuitWorks, click the CircuitWorks application menu , then click Options .
  • From SolidWorks, click CircuitWorks > CircuitWorks Options.

Use this naming convention for the models CircuitWorks creates

Specify how CircuitWorks names new component models.

Consider the Match Components in Library by Library option when making your selections. For example, if that option is set to Name and Number, then CircuitWorks considers all components with the same name but different part numbers unique. You must therefore define a naming convention that uses both the component name and part number to avoid accidentally overwriting existing component models.
First part of Filename Select ECAD Component Name or ECAD Part Number.
Delimiter (Optional) When using a two-part file name, select the delimiter that separates the two parts: _ (underscore), - (hyphen), (Space), or (No Space).
Second part of Filename (Optional) Select No Secondary Name, Sequential Number, ECAD Component Name, or ECAD Part Number.
Remove these Characters from Filenames Because of Windows file name restrictions, the following characters are never used:
   . , @ ; [ ] / \ ? { } > < | *
You can specify additional characters.

For example, if you specify "-" as an invalid character, CircuitWorks saves the ECAD file 1206-B as the SolidWorks part file 1206B.sldprt.

Build new Models in this Orientation

Orientation Select the orientation for all new geometry CircuitWorks creates:
  • Modelled off Front (XY) Plane
  • Modelled off Top (XZ) Plane
  • Modelled off Right (YZ) Plane
CircuitWorks stores the component orientation in the Component Library. Changing this setting does not affect components that are already modeled. CircuitWorks rotates existing component models to align them correctly in the new orientation.

Save the Models CircuitWorks creates to these Folders

Current Folder Scheme Select the folder scheme that defines the locations for CircuitWorks data. Select Default to use the default scheme, or select a user-defined scheme. Use different schemes to store data for different projects in separate locations.
To create a folder scheme:
  1. Click .
  2. In the New Scheme Name dialog box, type a name and click OK.
  3. To specify folders for the new scheme, type a path or click in each of the location fields.

To delete a scheme, select the scheme, then click and click Yes on the confirmation box. You cannot delete Default.

Database The location of the Component Library central database (a SQLite file called ecadlib.db).
If there is more than one seat of CircuitWorks on a network, it is recommended that you change both Components and Database paths to a shared location such as a network drive that is available to all users. When one user builds a model in CircuitWorks, any components created and added to the library are immediately available to all other CircuitWorks users. The Boards and Outlines locations are less important because you typically rebuild these models each time you build an assembly.
When using Enterprise PDM, set Database to a shared location outside the vault and Components to a local vault view folder.
Components The location where CircuitWorks saves component models.

To have CircuitWorks get the latest component files from an Enterprise PDM vault, enable the Enterprise PDM integration (see Library options) and set Components to a local vault view folder. This path must be the same for each user.

Boards The location where CircuitWorks saves board models.
Outlines The location where CircuitWorks saves any additional SolidWorks parts (keep-outs, keep-ins, and other outlines created by the build process) when CircuitWorks is configured to build these items as components rather than board features (see the Model keep-out & keep-in areas as CircuitWorks SolidWorks Import option).
To reset folders to their defaults, click Reset > Reset Folder Schemes at the bottom of the CircuitWorks Options dialog box, then click Yes from the confirmation box.

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