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Balloon PropertyManager

To display the Balloon PropertyManager, do one of the following:
  • Insert a balloon into a drawing or assembly document.
  • Select an existing balloon.
  • Right-click a balloon and select Properties.

You can insert multiple balloons without closing the PropertyManager. Change the settings in the PropertyManager as necessary and click in the graphics area to place the balloons.

The PropertyManager controls the following properties:


Defines the balloon style.

Item Numbers

When the drawing contains a bill of materials, use Item Numbers to set the balloon sequence.

  Start at Sets initial value.
  Increment Sets increment value.
PM_Auto_Balloon_Change_Item_Numbers.gif Do not change item numbers Keeps bill of materials item numbers as is.
PM_Auto_Balloon_Follow_Assembly_Order.gif Follow assembly order Sets balloons and bill of materials to follow the assembly order in the FeatureManager design tree.
PM_Auto_Balloon_Order_Sequentially.gif Order sequentially Orders balloons and bill of materials items sequentially, starting with Start at and incrementing by Increment.
  First item When Order sequentially is selected, choose an item to be used as the first item.

Balloon Settings

Style Select a style for the shape and border of the balloon from the list. The style None displays the balloon text with no border.

If you select Circular Split Line, the Lower text box is available for you to insert data for the lower half of the balloons. By using the Circular Split Line style, the component's item number and quantity is displayed in the balloon. You can change the data to text, custom properties, or component references.

Size Select a size from the list (a specified number of characters), Tight fit (which adjusts automatically to the text), or User Defined (where you can set the balloon size below).
Balloon text Select the type of text for the balloon.


(Not available for auto balloons). Allows you to type custom text in the balloon.of text for the balloon.

Item Number

Shows the item number from the Bill of Materials.


Shows quantity of this item in the assembly.

Custom Properties

Allows you to select a custom property.

Component Reference

Allows you to select a custom property. Shows the text specified for Component Reference in the Component Properties dialog box. To link balloons to component reference values, the drawing must contain a BOM with a COMPONENT REFERENCE column.

Spool reference

Part Number (BOM)

Shows the same information that is in the Part Number column of the BOM. If the BOM field is linked to the model, updates to the field in the BOM display in the balloon.

File Name

Shows the file name of the associated part without the file extension.

Cut List Properties

Allows you to select a cut list property.

Lower text If you select the Circular Split Line style, this box is available to specify the text for the lower section. You have the same options as in the Balloon text section.
Balloon text source In assemblies, specifies where the balloon gets its numbering from:

Assembly Structure

Uses the numbering according to the component order in the FeatureManager design tree.

Bill of Materials <n>

Uses the order displayed in the selected bill of materials.


Lets you set a quantity outside of the balloons in a drawing if there is more than one instance of a component in an assembly. The quantity updates parametrically.

Placement Displays the quantity to the Left Tool_Balloon_Quantity_Left.gif, Right Tool_Balloon_Quantity_Right.gif, Top Tool_Balloon_Quantity_Top.gif, or Bottom Tool_Balloon_Quantity_Bottom.gif of the balloons.
Denotation Lets you set a label for the quantity. User Defined lets you type a custom label.
Quantity value Displays the quantity to appear in the balloon (read-only).
Override value Lets you override a balloon's quantity. For example, you might insert a balloon in a drawing view that shows only two components, but the total number of assembly components is five. In one view a balloon can display a "2", and in the other view it can display a "3."


PM_Layer.gif Layer

Applies the balloons to the specified drawing layer.

More Properties

When you select an existing balloon, you can click More Properties to open the Note PropertyManager.

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