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Creating a Vault

To create a vault:

  1. Log in to a system where the Enterprise PDM client is installed.
  2. Start the Administration tool by doing one of the following:
    • On Windows 7 and Windows Server systems prior to Windows Server 2012, from the Windows Start menu, select All Programs > SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM > Administration.
    • On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 or later, on the Apps screen, under SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, click Administration.
  3. If the archive server you want to work with is not listed, add it as described in Adding an Archive Server.
  4. In the left pane, right-click the archive server in which to create the vault, then select Create new vault.

    If you are prompted to log in, see Logging In to an Archive Server.

  5. In the vault setup wizard:




    Click Next.

    Choose vault name

    Type a name and description for the new vault.

    The name appears on all attached client systems and cannot be changed later.

    Select vault root

    Under Vault root folder, select the root folder in which to store the vault archives.

    The default root folder is Archives.

    Choose database

    The vault database contains information about files and activities in the vault.

    Select or enter the SQL server to host the vault database in Select database server.

    Type the Database name.

    If the SQL login dialog box appears, the stored SQL login has insufficient privileges or is not a user on the SQL server. Specify a SQL user such as sa with sufficient system administrator privileges. This login is set to the vault-specific SQL login settings for the new vault.

    Select regional settings


    Select the language to use in the vault.

    Date format

    Select the format to use when representing dates in the vault. You can change this setting later by right-clicking the vault and selecting Properties.

    Create the admin user

    Do one:
    • Select Use the default 'admin' password for this archive server.

      The Admin user password defined during the archive server installation is used for the vault's admin user.

    • Clear the option to enter and confirm a password.

      This login is set to the vault-specific admin login settings for the new vault.

    Configure vault

    Do one:

    • Use a configuration based on an administrative export file (*.cex)

      Browse to a .cex file containing the settings to use for the vault, for example vault settings you have exported from another vault.

    • Use a standard configuration

      Select one:


      Creates a data folder with no files, which makes it easier to import or create data cards, workflows, and so on.


      Installs the data set installed with previous versions of Enterprise PDM.

      Quick Start

      Installs a simple data set, including predefined groups and permissions, which enable companies installing Enterprise PDM for the first time to quickly use the software in a production environment.

    Select configuration details

    Your choice on the Configure vault screen determines what is displayed on this screen.

    • If you chose to use a configuration based on an administrative export file, this screen does not display.
    • If you chose the Default option, the following options are available. Click an option name to display a description.


      • Dispatch
      The SWTaskAddin is added to the vault if you select Convert and Print under Task Execution.

      Bills of Materials

      • Standard Bill of Materials
      • Weldment Bill of Materials
      • Weldment Cut List


      File and folder data cards

      • Adobe Acrobat
      • AutoCAD
      • Autodesk Inventor
      • Bitmap Images
      • CAL
      • Default Folder Card
      • Microsoft Office
      • MP3
      • Pro/ENGINEER
        Requires a separate Pro/ENGINEER Connector installation.
      • SolidEdge
      • Text Files
      • XML


      • Support items

        Support of items includes the item search cards.

      Search Support

      Displayed to users when they search the vault

      • Complete File Search
      • User Search

      Task Execution (Server-side Add-ins)

      Tasks available with the SWTaskAddin .dll

      • Convert
      • Print

    • If you chose Empty, no data options are installed to the vault to make it easier to import custom .cex files you have created.
    • If you chose SOLIDWORKS Quick Start, the following options, designed for an entry-level SOLIDWORKS implementation, are installed:

      Bills of Materials

      • Standard Bill of Materials
      • Weldment Bill of Materials
      • Weldment Cut List


      • Default Folder Card

        Single card used for all SOLIDWORKS files.

      Search Support

      Displayed to users when they search the vault

      • Complete File Search
      • Quick Start Search

    Review Information

    Review the vault parameters, then click Finish.


    Click Close.

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