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BrowseForFile Method (IEdmVault5)

Displays an Open or Save As dialog box in which the user can click one or more files.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Function BrowseForFile( _
   ByVal hParentWnd As System.Integer, _
   Optional ByVal lEdmBrowseFlags As System.Integer, _
   Optional ByVal bsFilter As System.String, _
   Optional ByVal bsDefaultExtension As System.String, _
   Optional ByVal bsDefaultFileName As System.String, _
   Optional ByVal bsDefaultFolder As System.String, _
   Optional ByVal bsCaption As System.String _
) As EdmStrLst5
EdmStrLst5 BrowseForFile( 
   System.int hParentWnd,
   System.int lEdmBrowseFlags,
   System.string bsFilter,
   System.string bsDefaultExtension,
   System.string bsDefaultFileName,
   System.string bsDefaultFolder,
   System.string bsCaption
EdmStrLst5^ BrowseForFile( 
&   System.int hParentWnd,
&   System.int lEdmBrowseFlags,
&   System.String^ bsFilter,
&   System.String^ bsDefaultExtension,
&   System.String^ bsDefaultFileName,
&   System.String^ bsDefaultFolder,
&   System.String^ bsCaption


Parent window handle
Optional combination of EdmBrowseFlag bits
Optional filter string that limits the types of files displayed in the dialog box (see Remarks)
Optional default file extension to append if the user does not specify an extension
Optional default file name to display in the file name field of the dialog box
Optional path to the folder on which the dialog box should initially open
Optional caption for the dialog box

Return Value

IEdmStrLst5; list of paths to multi-selected files; Null if the user clicks Cancel (see Remarks)



If bsFilter is not empty, it contains the options for the Files of type combobox dropdown in the dialog box. Each option consists of a pair of substrings, where the first substring is the description that appears in the combobox dropdown:

All Image Files (*.JPG,*.BMP)

and the second substring consists of one or more extension filters delimited by semicolons:


The substrings are separated by a vertical bar, |, and the entire string is terminated with double vertical bars, ||.

For example, to give the combobox dropdown four options, including JPG and BMP file filters, specify bsFilter with the following string (without quotes):

"All Image Files (*.JPG,*.BMP)|*.JPG;*.BMP|JPEG-Files (*.JPG)|*.JPG|BMP-Files (*.BMP)|*.BMP|All Files (*.*)|*.*||"

Return codes: 

  • S_OK: The method successfully executed.

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SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Version 5.2

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