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SolidWorks.Interop.sldcostingapi Namespace



ICostAnalysis Allows access to the common Costing analysis.
ICostAnalysis3dPrinting Allows access to the 3D printing Costing of a Costing analysis.
ICostAnalysisCasting Allows access to the casting Costing of a Costing analysis.
ICostAnalysisMachining Allows access to the machining Costing of a Costing analysis.
ICostAnalysisPlastic Allows access to the plastic Costing of a Costing analysis.
ICostAnalysisSheetMetal Allows access to the sheet metal Costing of a Costing analysis.
ICostAnalysisStructural Allows access to the structural Costing of a Costing analysis.
ICostBlankSize Allows access to a custom blank of a sheet metal part in a sheet metal Costing analysis.
ICostBody Allows access to a Costing body in a Costing part.
ICostFeature Allows access to Costing features and subfeatures.
ICostingDefaults Allows access to the default settings of a Costing analysis.
ICostManager Allows access to the entry-point interface of the SOLIDWORKS Costing API and the CostingManager.
ICostPart Allows access to a Costing part.
ITemplateOverrides Allows access to system-level Costing options that can be overridden.


swcActivateBodyResult_e Results when attempting to activate a body.
swcBodyStatus_e Body statuses.
swcBodyType_e Body types.
swcCostFeatureType_e Costing feature types.
swcCostingType_e Costing types.
swcCustomStockCostInfoType_e Types of custom stock costs.
swcCustomStockImportType_e Custom stock import types.
swcDefaultMachiningTool_e Types of default machining tools.
swcFinishingOperationType_e Types of finishing operations.
swcLengthUnit_e Length units.
swcMarkUpType_e Markup types.
swcMassUnit_e Mass units.
swcMethodType_e Types of manufacturing methods.
swcMoldCalculationMethod_e Types of mold calculations.
swcPlane_e Types of orientation planes.
swcRemovedMaterialProcessingType_e Types of removed material processes.
swcRunnerSystem_e Types of runner systems.
swcSheetMetalBlankSizeType_e Types of sheet metal blank sizes.
swcSlotFeatureRecognitionType_e Types of slot feature recognitions.
swcStockType_e Stock types.
swcStructuralStockCostType_e Types of structural stock cost methods.
swcUnitSystem_e Units systems.
swcUpdateCostError_e Update Costing errors.
swcVolumeFeatureCalculationType_e Types of volume feature calculations.

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