Workgroup PDM Server Options

Specify installation options for the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM server product.

Installation Location

Specify the installation location for the Workgroup PDM server products.

Products to install

Specify which Workgroup PDM server products to install:

Workgroup PDM Vault

Specify the location for the Workgroup PDM Vault data. A Workgroup PDM Viewer license must be installed with the vault to enable the Viewer.

Workgroup PDM Viewer

When installing the Workgroup PDM Viewer, you must specify the name or IP address of the Workgroup PDM Vault computer that the Viewer will access.

Workgroup PDM API

A license for Workgroup PDM API is included with the licenses of SOLIDWORKS clients and Explorer clients. Check-in APIs require client licenses.

For more information

For details about installing Workgroup PDM, see SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM.

For details about using Workgroup PDM, see Workgroup PDM in SOLIDWORKS Help.