Matrix Charts PropertyManager

Matrix charts are only available for fatigue studies with variable amplitude events. The Rainflow method divides the alternating and mean stresses into bins that represent the composition of the load history.

To access the Matrix Charts PropertyManager, run a fatigue study with variable amplitude events. Right-click Results and click Matrix Charts.

A Rainflow chart is a 3D histogram in which the X and Y axes represent the stress range and mean stresses. The Z axis represents the number of cycles counted for each bin for the Rainflow chart or the partial damage caused by the bin for the damage matrix chart.


Sets the locations for the chart.

  • Worst damage location. Requests the chart at the location of worst damage.
  • Predefined location. Select a location from the set of locations requested in the Fatigue Result Options PropertyManager before running the fatigue study.

Sets the type of the chart.

  • Rainflow matrix. The Z axis of the chart represents the number of cycles counted for the bin.
  • Damage matrix. The Z axis represents the partial damage caused by each bin at the specified location.
Units Sets the stress values units.