Defining Thermal Contact Resistance

To define thermal contact resistance:

  1. In a thermal study, right-click Connections and select Contact Set.
    The Contact Set PropertyManager appears.
  2. Set Type to Thermal Resistance.
  3. In Faces, Edges, Vertices for Set 1 , select the desired entities associated with one or more components.
  4. In Faces for Set 2 , select the desired faces from another component.
  5. Select Thermal Resistance and do the following:
    1. Set Units to the unit system you want to use.
    2. Select Total or Distributed and enter a value.
  6. Under Advanced, select Node to surface or Surface to surface.
    The Node to node option does not allow you to specify a thermal resistance as connected nodes of touching faces will have the same temperature (perfect conduction).
  7. Click .