Linking a Simulation Feature to a Parameter (Second Workflow)

In addition to linking parameters to Simulation features from the Parameters dialog box, you can also link parameters directly from the Simulation PropertyManagers. Use the parameterized Simulation features in design studies to perform optimization or evaluate specific scenarios of your design.

You can link these Simulation features to parameters:
  • Structural and thermal loads (force, pressure, temperature, heat power, etc.)
  • Connector, fixture, and contact set properties (shank diameter, spring stiffness, translations, etc.)
  • Mesh parameters (maximum, minimum element size, etc.)
  • Material properties of custom-defined materials
  • Shell thickness and composite shell parameters (thickness and angle)
    All features that can be linked to parameters, show the Link value option when clicking the down arrow in their input fields.
  1. Open the PropertyManager of the Simulation feature you want to link to a parameter.
  2. Click the down arrow PM_down_arrow.gif in the feature's entry field and select Link value. (For custom-defined material properties, select Link parameter).
  3. (Optional) In the Select Parameter dialog box, if the parameter you want to link does not exist, do the following:
    1. Click Edit/define.
    2. In the Parameters dialog box, under Name, type the parameter's name.
    3. Under Category, select Simulation.
    4. In the Value field, enter a numeric value and select the desired units.
      You can also enter an expression to define the parameter. You can use a combination of operators, mathematical functions, constants or previously defined parameters to define an expression. Make sure that the units of each term are compatible with the parameter being defined.
    5. Click OK.
  4. In the Select Parameter dialog box, from the list of available parameters, select the parameter, and click OK.
    The background color of the entry field becomes blue to show that the feature is now linked to the selected parameter.
To dis-associate a feature from a parameter, click the down arrow PM_down_arrow.gif in the entry field, and click Unlink value.