Document Properties - DimXpert

These options define whether DimXpert uses Block Tolerances, General Tolerances. or General Block Tolerances on dimensions that do not contain tolerances. Available for parts only.

To set DimXpert options:

Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > DimXpert.


Block Tolerance A common form of tolerancing used with inch units. The tolerance is based on the given precision of each dimension, so you must specify trailing zeros. In Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions , set Trailing zeroes to Standard.
General Tolerance A common form of tolerancing used with metric units in conjunction with the ISO drawing standard. General Tolerancing is based on ISO 2768-1 Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications.
General Block Tolerance A form of tolerancing used with metric units, but may be used with inch units as well. The tolerance is typically shown in the title block or a note and applies to all untoleranced dimensions. The values for the general block tolerances are supported by custom properties.

Block tolerance

Length unit dimensions Sets up three block tolerances, each having a number of decimal places and tolerance values. DimXpert applies the Value as a symmetric plus and minus tolerance.
Angular unit dimensions Sets the tolerance value to use for all angular dimensions, including those applied to cones and countersinks, and angle dimensions created between two features. DimXpert applies the Tolerance value as a symmetric plus and minus tolerance.

General tolerance

Tolerance class Sets the part tolerance class.
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse
  • Very Coarse

General Block tolerance

Length tolerance When specified, the tolerance value that applies to all linear dimensions, which includes distance, length, radial, and diameter dimensions (all non-angle dimensions).
Angle tolerance When specified, the tolerance that applies to all angle dimensions, which includes the angle between two surfaces, cone angle, and chamfer angle dimensions.