Opposite-Hand Versions of Assembly Components

In assemblies, when you mirror a component, you can create an opposite-hand version of it, positioned symmetrically about a plane.

Creating an opposite-hand version results in a true mirror of asymmetrical components.

Before mirror
After mirror
When you mirror a component, the following items apply only if you create an opposite-hand version of the component.
  • You can save the opposite-hand version in a new file or as a derived configuration in the seed component file.
  • If you make changes to the seed component, the changes propagate to the opposite-hand component.
  • Custom properties are automatically copied to the new file or configuration.
  • If the seed component is a subassembly and you save its opposite-hand version as a new file, the mates of the seed subassembly are recreated in the new subassembly. You are informed if any mates cannot be recreated.
  • If you save a mirrored component as a derived configuration in the seed component file, a new feature is created in the file. The feature does not have an external reference to the assembly. The feature is automatically suppressed in the seed (parent) configuration and unsuppressed in the new (derived) configuration.