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Chamfer Enhancements

The Chamfer PropertyManager has been updated to align with the Fillet tool. There are two new chamfer types, Offset Face and Face Face, which you can convert from chamfers to fillets and back.

Offset Face Chamfers

Offset face chamfers are solved by offsetting the faces adjacent to selected edges. The software calculates the intersection point of the offset faces, then calculates the normal from that point to each face to create the chamfer.

Calculation of chamfer offset Chamfer applied

This method yields predictable results when chamfering between non-planar faces. Offset face chamfers can change direction on an edge-by-edge basis, and they support chamfering entire features and surface geometry.

Face Face Chamfers

Face face chamfers can create symmetric, asymmetric, hold line, and chord width chamfers.

There are two ways to convert offset face and face face chamfers to fillets and back.

  • Right-click a chamfer feature and click Edit Feature . In the PropertyManager, for Feature Type, click Fillet Type or Chamfer Type, and click .
  • Right-click a chamfer feature and click Convert Chamfer to Fillet or Convert Fillet to Chamfer. The PropertyManager opens with the converted Feature Type already selected. Click .

There are no changes in functionality to the other chamfer types. Their PropertyManagers have been reorganized.

To access the new chamfer types, click Chamfer (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Chamfer . In the PropertyManager, under Chamfer Type, select Offset Face or Face Face .

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