Bidirectional Circular Patterns

You can create circular patterns symmetrically or asymmetrically in both directions from the seed geometry. This is useful when the seed is not located at the end of the pattern arc.

You can adjust the angle, number of instances, and spacing settings for each direction independently. The Symmetric option applies the same settings to both directions.

To create bidirectional circular patterns:

  1. In a part model, click Circular Pattern (Features toolbar) or Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Circular Pattern.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Features to Pattern feature.png, select a seed feature to pattern.
  3. Under Direction 1, select a Pattern Axis.
  4. Set Angle to 25 and Number of Instances to 4.
  5. Select Direction 2, then select Symmetric.
    Three instances of the same seed appear symmetrically in the reverse direction.
  6. Clear Symmetric, and set Angle to 30 and Number of Instances to 6.
    The pattern updates in Direction 2 only. The Direction 1 pattern is unchanged.
  7. Under Instances to Skip, select instances 2 and 3 in Direction 2.
    The instance orbs turn white, indicating the skipped instances.
  8. Click to complete the pattern.