User Interface Improvements

Several improvements in the user interface enhance productivity.

  • Icons next to the parameters' numeric fields are active, and restore the parameters' default input values.
  • The Polymer dialog box retains the custom size and location settings of the last display.
  • Long names of polymer materials are fully displayed in the Polymer dialog box.
  • Animation speed control is improved. The speed range is increased by a factor of 2.
  • In the Runner Design Wizard PropertyManager, click Use draft angle to define a sprue geometry with a given diameter dimension (D1) at the beginning of the sprue and a draft angle to automatically compute the diameter at the end of the sprue geometry. To reverse the dimensions for a selected sprue, click Flip Dimension.
  • A more intuitive Weld Line contour plot reflects the severity of the plastic melt fronts intersection. On the Weld Lines contour plot, the locations on the cavity where the plastic melt fronts meet at small (acute) angles are colored red. The locations where the angles are large (obtuse) are colored blue.