Plot of Part Mass Versus Time

The Part Mass plot shows the part mass changes during the filling and packing processes.

The Part Mass plot includes only the cavity domains. Runner domains are excluded. The part mass plot helps you determine when the cavity is fully packed so you can shorten packing time to eliminate unnecessary additional packing of the sprue and runners.

You can also use the Part Mass plot along with the gate temperature plot to determine the gate freeze and pressure holding time.

Automatic Packing Time

The first stage of packing will automatically end if the polymer flow rate becomes nearly zero, and any remaining Pressure Holding Time will be added to the Pure Cooling Time to determine the new duration of the second stage of packing. Polymer flow rate is monitored at the interface between the runner and cavity domains, or at the injection locations if no runner domain has been defined. The criteria for nearly zero flow rate is satisfied when the rate of change of part mass falls below 0.01% per second.

Pressure Holding Time 8 sec
Cycle Time (= Filling Time + Total time in Pack Stage) 16.64 sec
Filling Time 0.62 sec
Total time in Pack Stage (= Pressure Holding Time + Pure Cooling Time) 16.02 sec
Pressure Holding Time 4.52 sec
Pure Cooling Time 11.50 sec