Updating Toolbox Components in Assemblies

You can update all Toolbox components in a single action.

When an assembly contains Toolbox components at the top level or in a subassembly, the assembly shortcut menu includes an Update Toolbox Components menu item.

Depending on the assembly structure, a flyout submenu give you options to update:

  • Top Level Assembly Only
  • Sub-level Assemblies Only
  • All Assembly Levels
To see the Update Toolbox Components item, Toolbox components must be present and you must select the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library Add-in.

You can update:

  • Toolbox parts that were created using the Toolbox editor.
  • User created parts that were added to Toolbox and are driven by a design table, configured feature, or configured dimension.
  • Copied Toolbox standards.

You cannot update:

  • Suppressed Toolbox components.
  • Parts that were Toolbox components but have had their Toolbox flags removed.
  • Toolbox components in a Smart Fasteners folder.
Newly added custom properties are not applied to active configurations. Each component with a newly added custom property is flagged with a warning. You must manually edit the component to correct the warning.

To update Toolbox components in assemblies:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the top level assembly, click Update Toolbox Components, and choose a submenu option.
    A message warns you that the operation cannot be undone and that the process may be lengthy.
  2. Click OK.
    The software copies data and dimensions updates from the Toolbox Settings master part file and applies them to the active configurations in the appropriate level of the active assembly.
  3. To save the updates, save the assembly.