Wrap Creates Geometry on Any Face

The Wrap feature lets you create geometry on any face type. Not only can you wrap a sketch on all face types, you can wrap a sketch on multiple faces. Previously, the Wrap feature only handled cylindrical and cone shaped faces, and you could only work on a single face at a time.

You can choose between two methods to create a wrap. The Analytical method preserves legacy behavior where you can wrap a sketch completely around a cylinder or cone. The Spline Surface method wraps a sketch on any face type. A limitation with this method is that it cannot wrap around a model.
Analytical method   Spline Surface method

The PropertyManager and the preview have also been redesigned. The options in the PropertyManager are listed in a more logical order with large icons to help you distinguish between the various wrap types available. The preview displays a dot guide to show where a wrap starts from on a target face.

To create wrap geometry on any face:

  1. Open drive letter:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2017\whatsnew\parts\iron.sldprt.

  2. Click Wrap (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Wrap.
  3. In the graphics area, select the SOLIDWORKS sketch.
  4. In the PropertyManager:
    1. For Wrap Type, click Emboss .
    2. For Wrap Method, click Spline Surface .
  5. Select the faces along the top handle of the iron. There are a total of six.

  6. In the PropertyManager, under Wrap Parameters, set the Thickness to 2mm and click .

If you want to make the wrap feature stand out, you can change its appearance by coloring the decal or turning the edges on or off.