Including Rotations in Exploded Views

You can create exploded view steps that rotate a component with or without linear translation.

To create an exploded view in an assembly, click Insert > Exploded View.

To include a rotation in an exploded view step:

  1. With the PropertyManager open, select the components to rotate in the explode step.
    The rotation and translation handles appear.

  2. Select a rotational direction handle and rotate to a desired position.
    You can include rotation and translation in the same explode step. You can also edit the explode step translation distance and rotation angle values in the PropertyManager.

  3. To complete the explode step, click Done.

Viewing Rotational Exploded Steps

In the eDrawings software, you can view rotational exploded steps saved in assembly files created with SOLIDWORKS 2014 or later.

You can also view exploded steps that rotate a component with or without linear translation in the eDrawings software.