Auto-Spacing Components

When you explode multiple components in one step, you can space them equally along an axis.

To auto-space components:

  1. Select two or more components.
  2. Under Options, select Auto-space components on drag.
  3. Drag a triad arm to explode the components.
    The selected components move, maintaining an equal space between them as you drag. Parallel components remain parallel.

  4. Optionally edit the explode step in the following ways:
    • Use the drag handles Explode_drag_handle.gif to move the components and change their order in the chain.
    • Drag a component back to another mated component to maintain that mate during the explode.
    • Change the auto-space distance. In the PropertyManager, under Options, move the Adjust the spacing between chain components PM_minimum_value.gifslider.
    • Drag components back past your initial mouse drag to collapse and then explode them in the other direction.