Advanced Component Selection Dialog Box - Manage Searches Tab

In this dialog box, you can add searches to the Favorites list on the Select flyout toolbar button. You can also import and export searches.

To open this dialog box:

Click the down-arrow on Select (Standard toolbar) and click Advanced Select, or click Tools > Component Selection > Advanced Select. Then select the Manage Searches tab.

Searches you defined on the Define Search Criteria tab are listed in the table.


Add to Favorites Checks or clears all items in the list. You can also check and clear individual items.

For the following commands, click the numbered cell in the left column to highlight a search. Hold down Ctrl to highlight multiple searches.

Move Up and Move Down Moves the highlighted item up or down in the list. The order in which searches appear on this list controls the order in which they appear in Favorites.
Edit Switches to the Define Search Criteria tab and opens the highlighted search.
Delete Deletes the highlighted searches.
Import Searches Browses for saved searches. You can import searches saved as .xml files or legacy searches saved as .sqy files.
Export Search Saves the highlighted searches in an .xml file.