Defining Search Criteria in Advanced Component Selection

You define search criteria by specifying categories, conditions, and values.

To define search criteria:

  1. Click the down-arrow on Select (Standard toolbar) and click Advanced Select, or click Tools > Component Selection > Advanced Select.
  2. On the Define Search Criteria tab in the dialog box, specify categories, conditions, and values.
  3. Select And or Or as a logical operator for combining the criteria when you add another line.
  4. Specify all the necessary criteria and click Apply.
    The selected components are highlighted. If needed, you can modify the selection, and click Apply again.
  5. (Optional) To save the selection criteria, type a name and click .
    From the Manage Searches tab, you can add saved searches to Favorites.
  6. Perform the desired editing operation, such as Suppress, Hide, or Copy.