Data Card Page

The Data Card page displays the card variables and values for the selected file.

To display the Data Card page, do one of the following:

  • Click the file name link and select the Data Card tab.
  • Hover over a file name, expand the arrow, and select Data Card.

Data Card Tab

1 Data Card tabs Displays a tab for each configuration associated with a file.
2 Variable value fields Displays variable values as follows:
  • Controls that are set to Yes/No data type appear as check boxes.
  • Controls that are set to text data type appear as 1 or 0 (zero).
  • Radio button controls appear as a drop-down list.

Web2 does not support other controls such as tabs, frames, images, combo boxes, date fields, and control logic.

3 Variable names Variable names that are defined on the data card for the selected file appear in an alphabetical order.

You can modify the variable names by using the alias functionality. For details, see SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation Guide.

4 Save and Check-In Saves and checks in changes to the data card variables.