Restrictions on 2D Simplification Studies

Setting up a 2D simplification analysis is similar to setting up any other study.

The table shows the restrictions when using a 2D simplification analysis.

Feature Options not available
Bodies Make Rigid, Fix, Treat as Remote Mass, Treat as Remote Load.
Connections Spring, pin, bolt, bearing, spot weld, edge weld, link, and rigid connection.
Contact sets Virtual wall.
For thermal studies, no contact sets are available.
Fixtures Elastic support, bearing fixture, and grounded bolt. You cannot use the Split tab to apply fixtures to a section of a face.
External Loads Flow effects, remote load/mass, and distributed mass. You cannot apply radiation for thermal studies. You cannot use the Split tab to apply loads to a section of a face.
Orthotropic material For 2D axi-symmetric problems, you cannot select an axis as the reference geometry for defining orthotropic material directions. You can only use a plane as the reference geometry.
You can drag and drop features (fixtures, loads, contacts, mesh, material) across 2D studies of the same type.
The large displacement option is unavailable for 2D linear static studies