Animation Techniques

You can apply the following techniques to create animated motion studies:

  • Create a basic animation by dragging the time bar and moving components.
  • Use the Animation Wizard to create animations or to add rotation, explodes, or collapses to existing motion studies (not available for a Motion Analysis study).
  • Create camera-based animations.
  • Use motors or other simulation elements to drive the motion.

You can animate the following in a motion study:

  • Component position.
  • Effects of a motor driving an assembly.
  • Effects of a Distance or Angle mate.
  • Effects of mates to single entity curves.
  • Component properties. You can hide and show components and specify the display mode (wireframe, shaded, etc.).
  • Viewpoint orientation and selection of camera views.
  • Component color or texture. Light and camera properties.
  • Position of sketch blocks.

You can create multiple animations, each with its own key frames that include key points, component positions, and view keys.