Defeature - Feature Removal Complete

In parts and assemblies, you can save the less-detailed model in a separate part file. You can publish the fully-detailed model to 3D ContentCentral and specify to remove details when customers download the model.

To open the Feature Removal Complete page of the Defeature PropertyManager:

  1. In a part or assembly, click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature.
  2. In the PropertyManager, click Next until the Feature Removal Complete page appears.

The settings you select in the PropertyManager are saved in the original model.


Specifies what to do with the less-detailed model. Select one of the following:

Save the model as a separate file Saves the less-detailed part or assembly in a separate part file. The part has only one feature, Defeatured1 , and has no references to the original part or assembly.
If you specified to allow motion in an assembly, the model is saved as an assembly. Each group you defined on the Motion page is saved as a virtual component in the less-detailed assembly.

Select Link to Original to link the defeatured model to the original model. You can link, unlock, or break the external reference, by right-clicking the model and selecting List External Refs. See Locking and Breaking External References.

Publish the model to 3D ContentCentral Publishes the fully-detailed model containing the Defeature settings to your Supplier Services account on 3D ContentCentral. In the Supplier Services Content Manager, under Features, specify excluded to remove details according to the Defeature settings when customers configure and download the model.
Just store my settings for future use Saves the Defeature settings in the fully-detailed original model.
In the FeatureManager design tree, you can right-click Defeature and click Edit Feature , Save Result, Upload to 3DCC, or Delete.