Network Rendering

To accelerate render times, SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services customers can share the effort of rendering in PhotoView 360 across multiple computers.

Network rendering is also commonly referred to as distributed rendering or using a render farm. Network rendering uses client and coordinator machines.

Client machine

A machine running the PhotoView 360 Net Render Client.

Coordinator machine

A machine running SOLIDWORKS Professional 2013 or later, with the PhotoView 360 add-in turned on.

Using PhotoView 360 Net Render Client, you can initiate final renders on the Coordinator machine, which uses the processing power of the Client machines.

To perform network rendering, you must first install the PhotoView 360 Net Render Client on the client machines. You do not need to install SOLIDWORKS on the client machines.

You must have an active subscription license to perform network rendering. If your license is inactive, click Help > Activate Licenses to reactivate an expired license.