Final Render Window

You can use the Final Render window to make detailed adjustments to your renders, compare two renders, and view rendering statistics.

To open the Final Render window:

  • Enable PhotoView 360 and click PhotoView 360 > Final Render or click Final Render tools_render_final_render.png on the Render Tools tab of the CommandManager.

    You can also click Recall Last Render tools_render_recall_last_render.png to open the Final Render window without creating a new render.

Image Display

Use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out of the final rendered image. To pan, click the image and drag.
Output Determines which output is displayed.

Alpha Output

Calculates the opacity of the objects based on their material settings to determine an alpha (transparency) value. Environment colors and textures do not contribute to the alpha channel. When you view the final image with an application that supports alpha channels, only the rendered geometry will be visible. If an object or surface has a level of transparency, this will also be considered in the alpha channel. In this way, it is possible to render out images with semi-transparent elements that can easily be composited over other backdrops in an application such as Shake, Motion, or Photoshop.

Final Color Output

Displays the final rendered image.

Zoom Use the middle mouse button to zoom or make a selection from the drop-down list.
Save Image Saves the image to disk.
Load Image Launches the Load Image dialog box, which allows you to load images from your computer and edit them using the Final Render Window.
A loaded image is not a high dynamic range image, so your ability to edit a loaded image is more limited than with a PhotoView 360 render. Because a loaded image is not rendered, there are no rendering statistics displayed on the Statistics tab.

All Renders

Displays thumbnails of most recent renders created with PhotoView 360.

Loaded Images

Displays thumbnails of images recently loaded from your computer.

Click a thumbnail image to display it in the Final Render window. Mouse over a thumbnail to lock, delete, or assign a slot number to it.