Adding a Camera to a Document

  1. In the DisplayManager, under Scene, Lights, and Cameras, right-click the Camera FM_Camera.gif folder, and select Add Camera FM_Camera.gif.
    • A Two-View - Vertical Tool_Two_View_Vertical_Standard_Views.gif viewport opens, with the camera in the left viewport and the camera view in the right viewport in the orientation of the active view.
    • The Camera PropertyManager opens.
    • The composition rectangle in the camera view shows you what is visible to the camera.
  2. You can specify properties in the Camera PropertyManager and drag the camera, target, and field of view in the graphics area.

    • When you close the Camera PropertyManager, the window with the camera is closed and the model view returns to its original orientation.
    • When you click PM_OK.gif, a camera is added to the Camera FM_Camera.gif folder in the DisplayManager.