Managing BlockAttribute Properties and Settings

You can also:
  • Change the order in which you are prompted for BlockAttribute values when you insert a Block.
  • Synchronize all instances of Blocks based on settings in the Block Attribute Manager.
  • Delete BlockAttributes from Blocks.

To manage BlockAttribute properties and settings:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the ribbon, click Insert > Block > BlockAttribute Manager.
    • On the menu, click Modify > Entity > BlockAttribute Manager.
    • Type BlockAttributeManager.
  2. In the dialog box:
    • Select a Block name from the drop-down list.
    • Or click Specify Block to specify a Block in the graphics area.

    The BlockAttributes list displays the names of all BlockAttributes contained in the specified Block. One of the BlockAttributes is marked as activated in the list. Click a list item to select another BlockAttribute.

    Click Show Display Options to expand the dialog box to show display options for the BlockAttributes list.

  3. Set preferences for changes in the drawing, apply functions to the selected BlockAttribute, and set display options for the list:
    Option Description
    Apply changes to existing references . Updates all existing instances in the drawing with the changes specified for the selected BlockAttribute. If cleared, only new instances of the selected Block are updated.
    Emphasize duplicate tags Blocks may have several BlockAttributes with the same name. When selected, duplicate BlockAttribute names are highlighted in the list.
    Sync Updates the BlockAttributes in all instances of the selected Block with the defined settings. This does not affect any values assigned to BlockAttributes of Block instances in the drawing.
    Move Up / Move Down Moves the selected BlockAttribute up and down in prompt sequence.
    Edit Displays a dialog box which lets you change all aspects of the selected BlockAttribute.
    Delete Removes the selected BlockAttribute from the Block definition. You cannot delete a BlockAttribute that is the only one in the selected Block.
    Display Options Determines the items to show in columns in the BlockAttributes list.
    • Select or clear the characteristics and properties such as Caption, Value, Behavior, text settings, and other properties.
    • Select All. Displays all characteristics of the BlockAttributes.
    • Remove All. Clears the list (only the BlockAttribute names appear in the list).
  4. Click Edit to edit the characteristics and properties of the selected BlockAttribute.
    You can also double-click a row in the BlockAttributes list to open the Edit BlockAttribute Options dialog box for the specified BlockAttribute.
  5. In the dialog box, select a tab and edit:
    BlockAttribute Settings tab. Lets you modify the basic BlockAttribute characteristics: Name, Caption, Value, and Behavior settings. The Behavior characteristics are the same as those that you specify when defining BlockAttributes (see Defining BlockAttributes):
    • Fixed. Allows you to switch between constant and variable BlockAttribute values. When selected, the text in Default value is a constant BlockAttribute value in the drawing. You cannot insert variable data. When cleared, you are prompted to insert a variable BlockAttribute value.
    • Hidden. Controls the visibility of the BlockAttribute value in Block references. When selected, the value does not display during insertion in the drawing. Use this if the BlockAttribute contains information to analyze later that does not have to be displayed on the drawing. This option is also helpful when there are so many BlockAttributes that the drawing is unclear and confusing. To temporarily display hidden BlockAttributes use the DisplayBlockAttributes command.
    • Predefined. Lets you create BlockAttributes that accept default values. When selected, values are not requested. The option lets you edit values after insertion with editing commands.
    • Validate. Prompts you for verification that the BlockAttribute value is correct when inserting a Block.
    • Multilines. Specifies whether the BlockAttribute is singleline or multiline. For multiline BlockAttributes, specify the maximum width of text lines (see the Width option above). You cannot specify a default value for multiline BlockAttributes (see the Default value option above).

    Text Settings tab. Lets you modify text properties of the BlockAttribute such as TextStyle, justification, spacing, inclination angle, text height, and rotation angle.

    Properties tab. Lets you modify general properties of the BlockAttribute such as Layer, LineStyle, LineColor, LineWeight, and PrintStyle.

  6. Click OK to close the Edit Options dialog box.
  7. Click Apply to apply the changes.
    The dialog box stays open to allow changes for other BlockAttributes or click OK.