Creating Patterns of Entities Along a Path

Use the Pattern command to create copies of specified entities along a path.

The copied entities inherit all properties of the original entities such as Layers, LineColors, LineStyles, and LineWeights.

To create patterns of entities along a path:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the ribbon, click Home > Modify > Pattern.
    • On the menu, click Modify > Pattern.
    • Type Pattern.
  2. In the dialog box, under Pattern type, select Path.
  3. Click Specify entities , select the entities to align along a path, and press Enter to complete the selection.

    The dialog box disappears when your selection is complete.

    In the dialog box, the collection of specified entities is referred to as elements.

  4. Click Specify path and select the entity that defines the path to align the specified entities along.

    The path can be a Line, PolyLine, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, or Spline.

  5. In Settings, set:
    • Base pattern on. Select an option:
      • Distance Between and Total Number of Elements. Allocates the copies along the path at specified intervals with the specified total number. If the calculated pattern length exceeds the length of the path, the distance between the copies is reduced.
      • Divide Equally. Allocates the number of copies evenly along the total length of the path.
      • Measure Equally. Allocates the copies along the path at intervals you specify.
    • Distance (if required). Specifies the intervals between the pattern copies. Click Specify spacing between elements to identify the distance in the graphics area.
    • Total number (if required). Specifies the resulting number of pattern copies in the path patten (including the source).
  6. Under Element base point, set:
    • Use last entity selected. Uses the base point from the last entity you specified.
    • X and Y. Type values or click Pick base point to specify the base point in the graphics area.
  7. Under Rows, set:
    • Count. Specifies the number of rows in the pattern.
    • Distance. Specifies the distance between the rows. If the distance is a negative value, rows are added downward. Click Specify spacing between elements to identify the distance in the graphics area.
  8. Under Element alignment, set:
    • Align elements with path. Aligns each pattern copy to be tangent to the path direction. Otherwise the copied entities maintain the orientation of the source entities.
    • Specify tangent direction . Specifies two points in the graphics area which represent the tangency of the copies relative to the path. Use EntitySnaps to refer to the geometry of source entities.

      Click Remove tangent direction to clear the tangent direction you previously specified.

    • Angle from tangent. Specifies the rotation angle for the copies relative to the specified tangent direction.
  9. Click OK.
In the Pattern dialog box, click Preview to check the resulting pattern without creating it. You can use this option and return to the dialog box as many times as needed. Then click OK to generate the pattern.