Web Server Administration

Once installed and configured, you administer SOLIDWORKS PDM Web servers using the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool on a client system. To enable Web access to a vault, you must create one or more configurations and then select the parts of the vault that should be shared.

The configurations you define are accessible when a client browses to the SOLIDWORKS PDM URL in a Web browser.

The Web Servers administration node is not used for administering the Web2 server. For details, see SOLIDWORKS PDM/SOLIDWORKS Manage Installation Guide.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Editor and SOLIDWORKS PDM Contributor Web Clients

To work in a vault Web share, the computer accessing the share must have SOLIDWORKS PDM Editor or SOLIDWORKS PDM Contributor Web client software installed. Once installed, the Web client functions much like the SOLIDWORKS PDM Editor and SOLIDWORKS PDM Contributor.

Users can:
  • Browse and search for files and folders
  • Add and delete files and folders
  • Check in and check out files
  • View and update file and folder data cards
  • Change the state of files
    There are limitations to the type of transactions that can be performed via the web client.