Sun Study Options

The Sun Study tab in the Output Tools dialog box includes the following settings which appear when you click Output Tools > Sun Study > Sun Study Options.

The Sun Study tab has two sections, Sun Study Options and Render Options. The Sun Study Options are described below.

Output File

Filename Lets you name the output file.
Image Format Sets the format of the output images.
Render Output Passes Renders specialized output passes that you can use in post-processing software (such as Adobe® Photoshop®) to enhance the normal output pass.
Movie Format Sets the format of the output movie.
Include Alpha Includes an alpha channel in the output file.
Create Movie Encodes the sun study as a movie.
Time Range (Start/End) Sets the time of day the animation begins and end for scenes using a Sky Study Environment. You can set a time range of upto 48 hours. Move the handles on the slider control to adjust the range.
Frames per Second Sets the frame rate of playback.
Number of Frames If Create Movie is clear, sets the total number of frames to render in the sequence.
Duration Sets the length of animation. Spinning the slider increases or decreases the time.