Creating Turntable Renderings

You can make a series of high quality renderings that show models rotating 360º around their own centers, or together around the world origin.

Turntable rendering is available only in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

To create turntable renderings:

  1. Center the model in the Viewport:
    1. On the Main Toolbar, click Selection Tool > Model .
    2. Press Ctrl + Shift + left mouse button and click on the model.
    3. Zoom the model to fill the Viewport on its widest dimension.
  2. Click Output Tools > Turntable .
  3. In the dialog box, on the Turntable tab:
    1. In the Smart Control Bar, select a render profile from the drop-down list or create a custom profile.
    2. Click Render Options.
    3. Set options.
    4. Click Turntable Options and set options.
    5. Click Send to Queue to add the current rendering to a queue so you can render it later, or click Close to save the current position and composition for later reference.
    When finished, the rendering is saved in the Images library.