Projected Curve Enhancements

You can create multiple closed or open contour projected curves in a single sketch. You can also use 3D sketches as input for the Projected Curve tool.

Previously, you had to create a separate sketch for each entity and then use the Projected Curve tool.

The Bi-directional option in the Projected Curve PropertyManager projects sketches in two opposite directions. You can also set a custom direction for projected curves, using a planar or linear reference such as an edge, sketch, plane, or a face.

The Projected Curve tool does not support projections of intersecting curves.

Sketch on Sketch PropertyManager Enhancements

You can project sketches bidirectionally in the Sketch on Sketch PropertyManager.

Sketch on Faces Projections

You can input the direction of the projected curve as a plane, edge, sketch, or a face, with the Direction of Projection option in the Projected Curve PropertyManager.

When using the Projected Curve tool for the Sketch on faces option, for Direction of Projection, you must select one of the following:
  • Axis
  • Linear sketch entity
  • Linear edge
  • Plane
  • Planar face